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Did The Cleveland Guardians Steal Their New Team Name From A Roller Derby Team That's About To CASH IN?

Oh BABY! This is exactly what I needed to wake up to on this fine Monday morning. I was scrolling through Twitter, laying in the traditional 180 degree flat-line position, when I stumbled upon these tweets. Boom, I became a live human action form of the Undertaker gif. Are we back to the drawing board? The Cleveland Guardians name was (potentially) STOLEN! ClevelandGuardians.com is a live website with posts back through 2014 of a regional roller derby team by the exact same name. A team in which, if you look at the 2018 team photo, is actually a Co-Ed organization according to the experts!

Thanks for that, Darren! It's not every day that you can see not one but TWO women that can roller skate with the boys!

Anyways, a $50 giftcard to the Guardians Team Shop isn't going to cut it here. I'd have to imagine Major League Baseball had some inkling of this before today, but I'm praying that the Dolans, Rob Manfred, and the rest of the assholes involved are about to have a very unexpected headache. Like they had no idea. I hope someone calls the owner of this roller derby team today to try and hash it out and finds out he has a Chief Wahoo tattoo on his bicep. His grandpa took him to Bob Feller's games growing up, but he hasn't watched a game in 5 years because he's boycotting professional sports. The kind of guy that won't accept a million dollars; he just wants his mascot back. I hope he is ready to FIGHT!

Oh, and if we really did just steal the nickname from this roller derby team, we should've stole their logo, too. That Guardian is way cooler than the tee-ball logo we took from the local printing shop.