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The Gold Medal Swimmer's Family Going BUH-NANAS For Him Back Home In Tunisia Is Awesome


So I blogged the above at 11:58pm last night because this swimmer from Tunisia won the gold medal from the 8 lane, unprecedented in swimming to be the last qualifier and win a gold. Guy was uncontrollably excited for it, as you can see in the video in the blog. Equally as excited though was his family back home, who were losing their minds watching Tunisia's pride and joy win the gold:




The Olympics, baby. That's why we love it. I mean sure I'll root for the USA in every event, but if stories/reactions like this don't happen every so often than what's even the point, right? Underdog stories in the Olympics from countries we can't pick out on a map are why we watch every 4 years. 


PS: How long until that video is wiped from the internet by NBC?