Hockey Players Are The Best All Around Athletes, As Evidenced By This Nate Schmidt Web Gem

Nate Schmidt is doing pretty well for himself. He's currently entering the 3rd year of a 6-year, $35.7 million contract. That's a lot of money for a guy who gets to play a game for a living. But want to know what is absolutely sickening?

Mike Trout will make more in one year than Nate Schmidt will make in the entirety of his contract. So while Nate Schmidt may be a pretty decent hockey player, he's an absolutely horrible decision maker. Because after coming up with a web gem like that one, he clearly should have focused on playing baseball. 

Hell, the AVERAGE salary in Major League Baseball is above $4 million. There are guys in the NHL who never even sniff $4M. I'm not saying Nate Schmidt could be making Mike Trout money or anything like that. But a catch like that is a helluva lot more impressive than anything that anybody in the MLB would be able to do on a pair of skates. Like that's a catch that would get any pro baseball player on SportsCenter the next day. Do you think anybody in the MLB could do anything remotely similar to this?

Not even close. 

Hockey players. They're a different animal. Best all around athletes out there.