The Orioles Sweep The Nationals And Put The Final Nail In Their Coffin. The Road To 60 Wins Marches On!

Sweeps are fun. They're a ton of fun. They're even better when it's against a rival who has been at the top of the mountain recently and your team slams the door shut on their season. The Orioles being the final nail in the coffin for the Nats and essentially kicking off the Nationals garage sale of players is *chefs kiss*. Sure they won a World Series in 2019 and sure they've been competitive for the last 10 years, but knocking them off the pedestal is a nice little thing. The Orioles hadn't swept the Nats 3 games in a row in Baltimore in 11 years so they picked a right time to break the brooms out.

Matt Harvey may just dick around and become a good pitcher again. He's been fantastic his last two starts and in a matchup that would have been pitching porn in 2015, out dueled Jon Lester on Saturday. 6 innings of 1 hit ball with 4 Ks for Harvey lowered his ERA to *rubs eyes* 6.65. It's been a terrible year for him but it's nice to see him bounce back. I wouldn't be shocked if Mike Elias somehow found a way to flip him for a living breathing person at the deadline this week. 

And the guy on offense doing it this weekend was Trey Mancini, of course. His first 2 bombs since the derby including this absolute monster of a homer, second longest of his career. 455 ain't a cheap one. Homers in back-to-back games has him up to 18 on the season with 59 RBIs. He's a professional hitter. 

He also gave us this awesome clip from Sunday when he signed an autograph for this young fan. The kid could barely contain himself and turned around to give his dad the biggest hug. Tears pouring out of the kids eyes because he just got an autograph from a big leaguer. As Rico says "some things". 


And walking off the Nats with this play was great too. They mounted a great comeback in the 9th scoring twice to win it in exciting fashion. Hell of a slide by Ryan McKenna on the play, especially with the bat right in the base path, slid over it and still avoided the tag. Wasn't the greatest throw but the slide made the play. Awesome weekend for the Orioles as the #RoadTo60 rages on. Carrabis said on Starting 9 that he thought the Orioles would win 60 games, only 26 more to go baby! Just hate that it had to come at the hands of the crosstown rivals Nationals who may now be very, very busy at the trade deadline.