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Jennifer Lopez Celebrated Turning 52 Today By Going Instagram Official With Ben Affleck And Further Proving She's Immune to Age

52 years old. Jennifer Lopez is 52 years old today. She's celebrating immortality on a yacht making out with Ben Affleck and going instagram official with her new (old) boy toy. Genuinely can't describe to you how bad I'm going to look at 52. That's likely cause I'm not going to be alive, but if I am able to get there it's not going to be pretty. Most likely J Lo made a deal with the devil to never age and that's fine. Only some can be so lucky, but to those that are you gotta just tip your cap. 

On the other side of the coin A-Rod is doing some kind of tiktok dance on his own yacht. . least the Yankees came back to beat the Sox today. Fuck you, Ben