Cleveland Guardians Fans: Just Because A Guy Gives Up 5 Runs In The 9th Inning Does NOT Mean We Send Him And His Wife Death Threats

As someone who was at the G-Spot (anyone got a better nickname for where the Guardians play?) last night, let me be the first to say that Nick Wittgren was BAD. Actually, let me go dust off my thesaurus real quick and come back with a stronger word to describe someone who came into a 4-4 game in the top of the 9th inning only to promptly give up 5 runs.


Nick Wittgren was abominable, dreadful, and downright UNSATISFACTORY last night. 

But even if you had $15 on the Tribe money line last night like I'm sure these losers did, there is NEVER a time to send someone a message that says "I know where you live. I will get you tonight and kill your family."

What are we doing here, folks? This is embarrassing and it tarnishes the good people of Cleveland's name. I know we're changing our name and our logo, but I think some of these fans need to change their BEHAVIOR as well. Sending a guy death threats over a baseball game? And not just the guy, his wife too…..

This happens way too much and it's just weird. And not that any sporting event gives you the stage to send messages like this, but this wasn't even important? We're not talking about the World Series here, boys. The Tribe are 9 games out of first and quite possibly could be 90. 0% chance we make the playoffs this year and we've got people threatening murder of a bad 9th inning?

Anyone got a good punishment for these types of incidents?