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Gotta Love The Effort From These 2 Kayakers Dueling For This Home Run Ball In The Bay

The best part of the splashdown homers we see in San Fransisco is the ensuing battle of kayakers in the bay. These guys are like barracudas out there. They're so damn quick to the ball, can change direction super fast, it's insane how good they are in the kayak. They've got their radios in too so they can hear when a ball is headed their way. They'll do whatever it takes to get the ball too as seen here on this Steven Duggar home run. Once the ball splashes down it's a bloodbath. Ramming into each other like they're pirates or something on the open sea. You'd think they were going after a Bonds' ball or something. Nope, just Steven Duggar. No offense to Duggar or anything. But you do have to respect and love how hard these guys were going after the ball, the red kayak boxing out the green one for prime position is such a veteran move. You can tell it isn't this guys first rodeo. The angle from green was terrible, I mean he couldn't have taken a worse route.  Green kayak even dove in head first for the ball, still came up empty handed. A for effort from green kayak but red has been around way too long to get out hustled or out muscled by a rookie. Better luck next time green.