Nobody Has Ever Been More Excited Than Jack Hughes After His Brother Luke Just Got Drafted To The New Jersey Devils

First of all, what a moment for the Hughes family as a whole. You've got Quinn Hughes going 7th overall to Vancouver in 2018. The following year, Jack Hughes gets selected 1st overall to the New Jersey Devils. And then tonight, not only do they get the youngest brother to complete the sweep of top 10 draft picks, but Luke Hughes goes 4th overall to be teammates with his brother Jack. And holy shit was ol' Jacky Boy fired up about it. 

We've seen plenty of great family reactions at drafts before, but there's no way that we've ever seen anybody as pumped as Jack Hughes here. Buddy was shaking Luke so hard that he might have to start off his career on the IR with an upper body injury. Awesome moment for the family, incredible moment for Jack Hughes, and then obviously a dream come true moment for Luke Hughes. Love to see it. 

P.S. - Giving Luke an 86 jersey to put on for draft night was a great touch. 

P.P.S. - Owen Power first overall. God I truly hope for that kid's sanity that Buffalo turns it around at some point in his stay there.