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Frenchie Becomes Toast: Big Brother 23 Week 2 Power Rankings

Welcome back to another week of Big Brother Power Rankings. It was a relatively smooth week inside the house, as the person who was dead last in our initial rankings, Frenchie, ended up going home. However, there were some other developments in the house, most notably the majority "Slaughterhouse" alliance getting exposed by the aforementioned evicted houseguest. Here is a brief recap of the week followed by the Week 2 power rankings:

Head of Household (HOH): Kyland

Wildcard Winner: Sarah Beth

Pre-Veto Nominees: Frenchie and Britini

Veto Winner: Derek X. (not used)

Post-Veto Nominees: Frenchie and Britini

Evicted: Frenchie (11-1 vote)

14. Britini (Last week: 14) - She may have survived eviction this week, but there still doesn't seem like there is a longterm plan for Britini. She freaked out when she was put on the block (despite never being the target), and it seems like it will be a grind for her to survive each week. She does have great rapping skills, though.

13. Brent (12) - With the "Slaughterhouse" alliance getting exposed, I could easily see Brent becoming a target this week. With two men being the first two to get eliminated, he notices the trend and is going to try his hardest to make sure that comes to an end this week.

12. Whitney (10) - We really haven't heard much from Whitney in the last few episodes. Prior to this week, she wasn't a true target, but I haven't noticed her talking tons of strategy just yet. We'll see if this week's nominations change that.

11. Christian (9) - Christian is half of what is the closest thing we have to a showmance right now. He is very tight with Alyssa, and even though they may not be a "thing" yet, other houseguests are noticing it from a game perspective. At the end of the day, that is all that matters.

10. Alyssa (8) - Despite the aforementioned bond she has with Christian, it can be a short-term sigh of relief for Alyssa. Her team, the Kings, is safe this week thanks to Xavier's HOH win. But her game is probably better off without Christian by her side. 

9. Hannah (13) - It was a very quiet week for Hannah, but the reason she moved up four spots was because we really haven't heard anyone bring up her name. Flying under the radar + being in an alliance = a decent spot to be in.

8. Azah (4) - It's a mild drop for Azah this week due to the fact that she lost one of her teammates in Frenchie. She still seems to be solid in other alliances, but there were no moves that stood out that stand out.

7. Derek F. (1) - Our No. 1 holder from last week drops all the way down to the middle of the pack this time around. Derek F. lost his top ally in Frenchie, but still remains a key part of "The Cookout" alliance. We'll see if he starts to make any more Final Two deals. He also threw a rogue vote for the second week in a row. Will that mean something down the line?

6. Xavier (6) - The reigning Head of Household is going to have an interesting decision to make this week. With "The Slaughterhouse" exposed to the whole house, does he take that information into consideration when making his nominations?

5. Derek X. (7) - Two weeks, two veto competitions, two wins for Derek X. You would think that this would begin to paint a target on his back, but funny enough, the exact opposite has happened. People from other teams are including him in their plans, which puts him in a great spot. 

4. Sarah Beth (11) - The move of the week goes to Sarah Beth, aka "SB." After winning the Wildcard Competition, she passed up safety for the week after finding out it meant that she would have to trade teams with somebody of her choice. She smartly declined the offer and gained trust with everyone on both her team and the Queens.

3. Claire (5) - Since Claire is a member of Kyland's team, she was safe this week. Without anything to worry about, it allowed her to be a little bit more aggressive from a social game perspective. She seems to always know what is going on around the house, and things are lining up nicely for her to use that information to her advantage later on in the game.

2. Kyland (2) - If you were to look up "textbook HOH" in the Big Brother dictionary, this week's reign from Kyland would pop up as one of the definitions. There was a clear cut target in the house in Frenchie, and a pawn that wouldn't upset anyone in Britini. He put up both of them without any hesitation, and nobody (aside from Britini) is really bitter about it. 

1. Tiffany (3) - From a social game perspective, Tiffany had a fantastic week. She is great at retrieving information in the game that will benefit her, and looks very confident when talking to her fellow houseguests when talking game. Will things change this week now that she is no longer safe?


16th place: Travis

15th place: Frenchie