The New York Rangers Are Obsessed With The Washington Capitals And Frankly It Is Cute As Hell


I want to pat Barclay Goodrow on his head. Like the Mitch Hedberg joke about a koala bears, if there was a Barclay Goodrow infestation, it'd be the cutest infestation ever. I want to hold him and feed him a leaf. Because incase he wasn't paying attention, that one game vs the Caps last season set the Rangers organization back 10 years. The entire front office was fired. The coaching staff was fired. Players were traded. The entire thing was blown to smithereens. And Barclay Goodrow thinks he's going to waltz in and change everything? It's so cute. The Rangers lost all 5 fights, gave up a hat trick to TJ Oshie, and then blew the entire thing up. But yet they are still obsessed with the Caps. 

And honestly, I think it's great. It's why the NHL scheduled this game for opening night on TNT. They know there's going to be fireworks because the Rangers have fallen so low that at this point they care more about taking a cheap shot at Stanley Cup Champion Tom Wilson than winning a hockey game. Can you blame them? The Caps stripped the organization of all their dignity. Sent everyone packing. They are a shadow of what they once were, and they are a team that has barely won a thing since color TV was invented. No...since TV was invented, at all.

So yeah bud, opening night will be interesting. Sure.