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The Best Of Ted Lasso Season 1 Takes Us Into The Weekend

As my guy RA so elegantly put it, Ted Lasso returned for Season 2 today and the world is a better place for it. I got into Ted Lasso late because I seldom blindly jump into a TV show and didn't even know what streaming service it was on or if I should get Apple TV+ for one show. But I heard enough great reviews about it from coworkers like Rear Ads, Robbie Fox, and even KFC that I decided to give it a try because if that hateful motherfucker Kevin Francis Clancy actually likes it, you know it must be good.

The one word I keep coming back to when talking about Ted Lasso is delightful. Everything about it is a delight that makes both my face and soul smile, which is something we could both use after the last year and heading into a summer weekend. So fill up on some good vibes heading into what are hopefully your two days off from work and get yourself a kit or a uniform or whatever those blokes across the pond call a shirsey for this season of the happiest show on TV.


Have a great weekend everybody!

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