Lucas Giolito Is Going To DISMANTLE The Brewers' Lineup Tonight

Before you watch the video above, take a look at these pitching matchups between the ChiSox and Brew Crew this weekend:

There are FIVE (!!!) pitchers pitching in this 3 game set that you could make a very solid argument as the Cy Young winner at this very moment (that is if deGrom didn't exist, I'm not counting him). Then you got Gio, who had a (small) rough patch to start the year, but dominated the Houston Astros in his first start back from the break. If he gets on a 2nd half roll, he could sneak back into Cy Young conversation too. Nevertheless, this series is going to be a pitching fan's wet dreams.

That's why there will probably be 1 billion runs scored through Sunday night. Baseball is a really weird sport.

But I want to talk about Lucas Giolito right now. Here are his swing and miss numbers so far thus season:

- 12th in K/9
- 13th in K%
- 8th in swing rate
- 7th in contact rate
- 5th in swinging strike %

and so on and so forth. The Brewers? They strike out at the 5th highest rate in all of baseball. That's a recipe for a LOT of K's for Gio tonight. Oh… and he gets to face the pitcher 2-3x. 

Just sayin'.

The White Sox also have to win though. Freddy Peralta has dominated this year. He misses a lot of bats as well. But the White Sox are HOT HOT HOT and I have faith they'll scratch enough across the board to secure a close victory. Call it guts, call it instinct, call it whatever you want. I wouldn't be betting this myself if I didn't believe in it. 

At +300 value? Yes please

Also, and this isn't a joke - I am pretty sure I have to be up on the entire company this year in gambling. I have DOMINATED MLB this year. I don't always publicize my bets but I know our Mash the Lefty bet is around +26U alone on the season, and I also give away other picks that aren't boosted on the book. I've been red hot all season, and I LOVE this bet.