The Gamecube Had A Secret Gameboy Player That NO ONE Knew About

Supposedly the Gamecube had a port on the bottom of the console that would allow you to play Gameboy games on your TV. THIS IS REVOLUTIONARY.

How am I possibly finding out about this now? Was this a hidden secret this whole time? Apparently, people are claiming they knew this existed, but I won't believe that.

I can't be the only one that didn't know about this existence.


To say I'm jealous of these people is an understatement. I was fully addicted to my gameboy (can you believe that?) and being able to play it on an actual TV would've been electric. I could only imagine how pixelated these games were on the big screen.

I'm more shocked/pissed that I'm finding about out this capability now, not necessarily that I wasn't able to use it as a kid. As fezzburner says, it probably was a much better idea than it actually performed. It's like stunt food, no one wants to eat a burger that is completely covered in melted cheese. What am I supposed to do with my hands after that?

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This Gamecube feature may be the best hidden gem in the gaming industry. If you know any more of these gaming secrets, tweet me. I can't be living in the dark anymore.

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