Brooks Kriske Threw FOUR Wild Pitches in the 10th Inning Last Night To Hand The Yankees Another Soul Crushing Loss in Fenway

Winslow Townson. Getty Images.

Red Sox 5 Yankees 4 F/10

The Yankees found another way for me to wake up with a giant knot in my chest, gasping for air. That's what I'm doing as I remember how they lost that game last night. A two run lead in the 9th inning blown with two outs on a Kiké Hernandez two run double.

Awesome. Then the Yankees crawled across a run in the 10th to regain the lead. Pretty much the bare minimum in extras when you start an inning with the guy on 2nd, but I guess it gives you false hope to watch the bottom half of the frame. That's when Brooks Kriske tied a major league record with not one, not two, not three, but FOUR wild pitches to help the Sox plate across two and walk it off into the night. FOUR WILD PITCHES. First time that's ever happened in the 9th inning or later. 

Some Rick Ankiel shit. I mean the fact that Brooks Kriske is pitching the 10th inning of a must have baseball game says it all. Brooke Kriske. He was sent down to the minors right after the game naturally, but that dude shouldn't have been up here in the first place. 

The game really does fall on Chad Green. Get three outs dude. Yes, I would have rolled the dice on a second inning with Luis Cessa after his 5 pitch 8th (I was begging for it), but at the end of the day Chad has to get the job done there. Like come the fuck on my guy. 

These losses make you sick to your stomach. Jordan Montgomery pitched his ass off considering he came back out after the hour rain delay. Five and two-thirds of shutout baseball in Fenway and the bullpen blows it like that. Gross. Four losses now when leading by multiple runs in the 9th inning this year. Insane. Soul crushing losses. Season defining losses. Just another one of those "how the fuck did they lose that game" moments and there have been a ton of them in 2021.