Ultimate Fuck You Move - Texas And Oklahoma Reportedly Will Announce Move To SEC Next Week, Conference Never Told A&M About The Plans

I'll admit conference realignment is rather annoying, especially as a college sports fan and someone who blogs about it nonstop. BUT, the pettiness, the backstabbing, the theater of it all? Oh is it fucking hilarious and awesome. We know about Texas and Oklahoma wanting to join the SEC, it's reportedly about done. What we didn't know was this has been in the works for over 6 months and they just flat out didn't tell Texas A&M. That's hilarious and shows how A&M is valued compared to Texas/Oklahoma and the SEC as a whole. A&M has been pretty damn vocal about not wanting Texas in the SEC because they are the only school from the state there, helps with recruiting, money, all that good shit. Well, guess what? It's still Texas football. It's still the state school. It's still one of the biggest names even if they are never truly back. 

I actually think Brandon put it perfectly, shout out my SEC brotherhood because it just means more. 

A&M had Johnny Football, they had the win over Alabama. They were the cock of the walk when they first came to the SEC. Now? Now they are a middle football program in the conference, paying out the ass for Jimbo Fisher and spend more time crying about Texas joining the league than winning. That's why they were left out of discussions here. College sports is about one thing and one thing only. Money. You know what brings more money? Texas and Oklahoma. Pretty simple math here. 

How about SEC basketball though? Think about if this goes through - Coach Cal, Chris Beard, Porter Moser, Nate Oats and Eric Musselman as the main group of coaches? Pretty damn good. I know people only think about college football, but realignment will have MASSIVE influence on college hoops too. You're adding two top-30ish programs to the SEC. Hell, if it was this year you're adding a top-2 team in the country in Texas to the SEC. Not too shabby. 

This is what a rivalry is all about though. This is going to be brought up every single day. It's going to be talked about every single time these teams play. The fact is college football is better with Texas vs Texas A&M. Throw in conference games against Alabama, LSU, Auburn, Georgia and Kentucky (okay, I threw that last one in) and how the hell do you beat that? Plus, I've been looking for a reason to go back to Austin. 

Welcome to the SEC, I think.