Openly Judging Your Coworkers Based On Their Outfits Is A Dream Come True

Just as I promised, yesterday Szn2 Ep 1 - ATTRACTION on Because We Got High came out, and we paraded in some of the gentlemen of the office to decide whether or not their outfits were attractive. Shockingly, the crew we brought it wasn't that bad. Troopz? Amazing. Chef Donny? Amazing. Owen scored all KINDS of points for style and innovation after cutting a golf shirt in the name of fashion, and layering it over a hoodie. That's someone who has an eye. Who knew there were so many fashionistas hiding amongst this god forsaken basketball short wasteland? Of course we had a few less than desirable looks, but I'm truly shocked and pleased with (most) of these men. 

The whole ep is great, but the judging begins around 27 mins. Finally, I'm getting paid to criticize people based on their appearance! Joan Rivers is smiling down on me as we speak.