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The Always Brilliant NHL Has Scheduled The Caps vs Rangers For Opening Night


Start the fucking season TOMORROW. I absolutely cannot wait til October 13th. Oh man. Goosebumps just thinking about Capital One Arena on October 13th when this man gets to beat up the Rangers once again

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I still laugh thinking about how the Rangers really, in real life, in a thing that actually happened, released a press release after a hockey scrum calling it a "horrifying act of violence". They then fired their president and GM, played the Caps again on their home ice and proceeded to lose every fight, gave up a hat rick to Oshie, were fined $250,000, and then fired all their coaches to cap it off. All thanks to Stanley Cup Champion Tom Wilson.

So I'm glad the NHL has a sense of humor, and also they know where their bread is buttered. That game was the most talked about game of the regular season, and it lived up to the hype (unless you're a Rangers fan…yikes).

The actual opening night is the night before, October 12th, as the Pens travel to Tampa for the banner raising, and then the Kraken have their inaugural game in Vegas vs their expansion buds the Golden Knights. 

But October 13th can't come soon enough.