Rickie Fowler On Tiger Woods' Rehab Process: "He's Been Getting After It"

Talk to me Rickie!!!

 Little by little we get these little nuggets on how Tiger's doing and where he's at in terms of his recovery. Rarely is it from El Gato Grande himself, but we hear these things from his pals through snippets and stories. Rickie seems to be the ringleader of this effort, which really took off when word got out that he had been watching The Masters over at Tiger's house. With the final major championship of the year wrapping up on Sunday and not much on the horizon golf-wise, it occurred to me that we hadn't had much of a Tiger update in a bit. Here we have it.

This update tells us something we already knew - that Tiger is a fighter, that he's stubborn as a mule, and that he's one speed. The guy has been getting after it since the moment he could walk. I'm sure he watched the Open on Sunday and has been listening to everyone crown Collin Morikawa as the next big thing, as the king of the ball-striking. That's gonna motivate a guy like Tiger as much as anything. We should be thankful for Morikawa for providing that carrot. Not that Tiger ever needed it, but it can only help. We've watched Tiger overcome obstacle after obstacle, injury after injury throughout the years, and Rickie is here to remind us that this will be no different. Cannot wait to see Eldrick back out there again.