Flyers Shed Some Necessary Cap Space And Ship The Ghost Bear Off To Arizona

Len Redkoles. Getty Images.

The Kraken didn't help out the Flyers one friggin' lick yesterday in the expansion draft. Instead of taking a heavy contract off of Philly's hands, they went with Carsen Twarynski. Which makes sense considering Dave Hakstol probably doesn't want to coach Jake Voracek again. But since the Flyers didn't get any cap relief from the expansion draft, Chucky Fletch had to add a couple of draft picks to sweeten up the deal for the Arizona Coyotes to take Shayne Gostisbehere and his $4.5M cap hit for the next 2 seasons. 

Now first of all, I just want to mention that I'm super pumped for Ghost. He's a guy who deserves a fresh start somewhere new. He's still only 28-years-old and even though he might not have a ton of upside anymore, he's still fully capable of being a very good puck moving defenseman in this league. He might not be in Norris conversations or anything like that, but he's also been getting jerked around by the Flyers over the past few seasons. Terrible coaching, a struggling defensive core, and then of course there were his own shortcomings. But he has such an electrifying start of his career here, and I'll always have a soft spot for Ghost in my heart since he was the first player I ever designed a shirt for. 

Fuckin' mint. 

But as far as the move goes, it was a totally necessary one. A move that really isn't all too surprising given the fact that I thought the Ghost Bear era in Philly was already over last season when the team placed him on waivers. He cleared waivers and still played a few more games with the Flyers. But you could tell the writing was on the wall there. 

And now the Flyers have a little more space to work with for Chuck Fletcher to make another big splash. I'm not exactly sure where the Flyers stand in the Tarasenko sweepstakes now that Seattle screwed that up by not taking him in the expansion draft. They could still trade with St. Louis to bring Tarasenko to Philly, but the price is for sure going to be premium coming from St. Louis. There are also rumors that the Flyers are going after Sam Reinhart, which I feel okay-ish about. I'm not exactly a huge Reinhart fan but maybe he just needs to get out of that shithole he's dealing with in Buffalo. Plus, the Flyers taking players from Buffalo has worked out in the past before with Danny Briere, so you never know. 

Either way, this is a great move for both sides. Opens up cap space for Philly, gives Gostisbehere the fresh start he deserves, and Arizona gets a couple extra picks thrown their way for taking on the contract. All in all, a very good hockey move from start to finish. Always rare to see one of those. 

Never forget.