Blood Diamond (FULL MOVIE)

A lot of people are saying this isn't good movie season but I strongly disagree. These are the textbook dog days of summer and sometimes that means pumping the basement A/C and sitting down to a great movie. In that case, allow me to introduce Blood Diamond: a pulse pounding thriller that takes you inside the harsh realities and unbridled conflict that embroils the world wide diamond trade. 

It's also some of Leo's finest work. This was coming fresh off Catch Me If You Can and The Aviator where he really started to show his depth. Then he goes Blood Diamond and The Departed in 2006 and the legend basically doubled in one year. Some argue this was the year he became a first round international sex symbol. I don't disagree. It's a powerful film and he put on one hell of a performance. 

I'm not a world class expert but I think he's the best actor of my generation. And if he's not the best, technically, he's certainly the biggest draw. This movie demonstrates exactly why. Buckle up. It's a turbulent adventure. 

PS - My personal Leo role power rankings: 

5. Jordan Belfort 

4. Danny Archer

3. Frank Abagnale

2. Will Costigan

1. Jack Dawson

Please stop disrespecting Titanic