A Bucks Fan Snuck Onto the Court After Game 6 and Got So Far That He Celebrated With the Team and Drank Gatorade on the Bench

Nobody has ever been a bigger embodiment of, "Act like you belong and nobody will question you," than this guy. He simply waltzed right onto the court at Fiserv Forum moments after the Milwaukee Bucks won the NBA title like he was supposed to be there and apparently nobody said a word.

He got so far that I was sure this was actually staged and he was a team employee or something. I mean, he daps up every player and even goes to chill on the bench with a Gatorade. Nobody should be able to get down there without some sort of clearance.

But he posted another TikTok where he's with his dad in the seating bowl for the entire game. So it looks like Philwaukee really did take in the game and just decide to see if he could go join in the celebration.

This is great for my guy Philwaukee, but it does make me think we should maybe beef up the security a little bit. We can't just have every Tom, Dick and Harry getting access to the court after a championship — though it does make for a great TikTok — because at some point, somebody is going to do more than just take a Gatorade.

But as long as nobody is going to stop you, I guess see how much you can get away with.