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Taylor Hall Is A Boston Bruin... For 4 More Years

Let's Fucking Go. Taylor Hall is a Boston Bruin and will continue to be a Boston Bruin for four more years at a healthy $6M per. Can't say enough good things about Hall's fit in the top six, fired up to have him for another four years. The B's Cup window is certainly closing, but this Hall signing is huge when it comes to them continuing to contend. Love this deal. Term is perfect. 

Next domino will certainly be if David Krejci comes back or not, Don Sweeney told media today that he's been in touch with Krejci but no decision has been made yet and there is no timeline to make decisions. Things could get interesting though if Krejci chooses to retire/go back home to play and the B's find out after free agency begins. Gotta have some type of backup plan, unless they plan on filling his spot internally (Coyle/Studnicka). Hall did help revitalize Krejci when he came in last year, so maybe 46 comes back for another year or two to see this thing through. 

Other news, notes and quotes:

- Like I said, no timeline on David Krejci's decision but Don Sweeney has been in communication with him.

- Sounds like Mike Reilly and the Bruins are not close on a contract. I imagine he'll be getting paid elsewhere on July 28th.

- Tuukka Rask is getting surgery at the end of the month. Berner is off to Carolina but there a few veteran goalies I think the Bruins will pursue with Rask being out until at least January. Rask also needs a new contract but I'm sure they'll get something done. 

- B's will send qualifying offers to 7th Player Award Winner Nick Ritchie, Ondrej Kase and Zach Senyshyn.

- If you live under a rock the Seattle Kraken selected Jeremy Lauzon. All the best to him. 

Taylor Hall is a Boston Bruin for 4 more years. Time for Donny to go out and get a LHD. Plenty of cap space whether they get someone through trade or free agency.