Jim Harbaugh Said He’s Either Gonna Beat Ohio State Or Die Trying So I’d Like To Apologize In Advance For Murdering Jim Harbaugh

I’m sorry. If it’s not already on the record I’d like to say on record that I am in fact, anti-murder. With that being said if you walk into a buzzsaw enough times you’re gonna get chopped into a million pieces. It’s a shame what Jim Harbaugh has done to a once proud football program. Ohio State/Michigan at noon the Saturday after Thanksgiving used to be a preseason game of the year candidate every single year. Now it’s a borderline moral victory and if they can just cover the 25 point spread that just keeps getting larger and larger every year. 

The gap between Ohio State football and Michigan football is only getting wider. How could you possibly be a top level high school football recruit in 2021 and pick Michigan over Ohio State? Maybe because you have a better chance to get playing time at Michigan? That’s the only reason I could possibly think of. Signing on the dotted line to play for Michigan is a guarantee you’re gonna get your face stomped in by the Buckeyes at the end of every November unless they bitch out like they did last year. Jim Harbaugh is a joke and he’s turned Michigan into a laughing stock. They’re so bad that as an Ohio State alum I’m almost rooting for them to get better (key word almost) just so the game can be interesting again. Playing Michigan is like playing an FCS team at this point. Ohio State has bigger, stronger, faster, better players, is better coached and just wants it more. Michigan might not beat Ohio State this century. They’re closer to Rutgers than they are to Ohio State. That’s not an opinion that’s a fucking fact. Check the numbers. It’s a damn shame it really is. You hate to see things like that. RIP to a weirdo who stinks at coaching football. If Michigan cared about his well being at all they’d fire him to save his life. It‘s for his own good. I’d say I’m sure he’d understand but from what I’ve seen I don’t know how much he really understands these days. 

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