British TV Personality Held At Gun Point And Forced To Eat Raw Chicken Because He Accidently Proposed To A Gang-Leader's Sister With A Fuzzy Gnome Gift

The 57-year-old revealed that while filming with the MS-13 crew in El Salvador he made “a big error” by giving a “fluffy gnome” to her, which according to local custom meant he was proposing.

When the Ross Kemp on Gangs star told Little Psychopaths boss Chucho he was unavailable, he forced him to eat raw chicken.

Speaking on the Off Menu Podcast, Kemp said: “Chucho’s sister gave me this soft toy. I went and bought her one, but what I actually was doing was getting engaged to Chucho’s sister.

“When I explained to him I had a girlfriend, Chucho was ­unpleased. So Chucho got out this grilled chicken with a salad... and I look at my piece and it’s pinker than my bald head.

“So I put my fork into it and blood comes out. He’s waving at me with a very large pistol so I start eating the chicken.”

Back at his hotel, Ross was given pink antacid Pepto Bismol. He added: “I was like a Roman candle at both ends spraying pink.”

What an absolutely outrageous story. These folks who make TV shows are ballsy as fuck. There is no way in hell im cruising to MS13 rich areas without at least some sort of a MAGTF with me. A cameraman, a producer, and a couple of hard drives isn't going to be enough when you have MP-5s and AKs pointed at your dome while an uncooked chicken salad is slid across the table by a gang leader with so many facial tattoos that it would make Post Malone uncomfortable because you somehow weren't aware that stuffed gnomes were a sign of a pending engagement. I mean, who doesn't know that? Don't these folks do a lick of research before buying fuzzy gnomes? It's written right there on the website. That's like gnome 101. You buy someone a gnome, that's essentially like bending the ole knee after you've spoken to someone's dad and started playing your spotify list called "MUSIC FOR SEX * SEX PLAYLIST * SEX MUSIC * SEXUAL 2021" Hits only. 

But, alas, he ate the raw chicken and started spewing hot acid all over the san Salvadorian resort hotel bathroom like some rookie traveler who drank water straight from the bidet. Let that be a lesson to you all. Dont buy gnomes and dont eat raw chicken no matter how many TLC shows say that it's safe, because news flash: it's not (safe).