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The NFL Will Force Teams To Forfeit Games WITHOUT PAY FOR BOTH TEAMS If They Have A COVID Outbreak Among Unvaccinated Players





Holy freaking moly!!!

So if Team A has an outbreak and has to forfeit, Team B still doesn't get paid!


The Bills are going to cut Cole Beasly aren't they?

But beyond that, there are several teams, many if I had to guess, with low vaccination rates. I believe I read our Washington Football Team is the worst in the league, with under 50% vaccinated. Not great! Would be very Washington Football Team if we have our best squad in a decade and end up forfeiting a game because nobody will get vaccinated.

This also answers the question of "is there a competitive advantage to being vaccinated?". Yes, yes there is. 

Plus, money. Man. I can't get over both teams lose their paychecks if one team has to forfeit. That is cold blooded.