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Giannis Can't Miss Anymore - Trolls Every Fan Base By Launching A Free Throw Into The Crowd From The Parade Bus

What a heater this guy is on. The NBA Finals as a whole, ending with dropping 50 right in everyone's face who said Milwaukee would never win with him, he doesn't have a bag and all the other bullshit spewed about Giannis. Basically pretty much people who refused to watch his entire game or understand his game, but that's fine. He didn't give a shit. He just mostly didn't want to be Nic Batum, with this all-time quote. 

Might have to put that on a shirt and that's not even disrespectful to Nic Batum. Just a great quote from a dude who was determined to be something in this league. Hell, not even just something, Giannis was determined to be the best in the league. He delivered and now he's on a heater. Whether it was bringing the trophies home or taking shots at every person trying to be a Super Team or the Chick-Fil-A order - to quote Lil Sas - he can't miss. 

And now today what does he do? Trolls every single fanbase from the playoffs with his free throw. We all know the story, all the counting and making a big deal how long he took just before 10 second violations. That man is soaking it all in. I honestly wish he took longer with the free throw to the crowd. Let them all start chanting and rub it in everyone's face. That's what you get to do when you're the champ and when you prove every idiot wrong.