It's Actually Impressive How Bad And Egregious This Flop Is From An FC Cincinnati Player

I was watching this match last night and couldn't help but watch Acosta hit the ground away from the ball. Maybe he said something he shouldn't have to Sosa. Maybe he tripped or had a lingering injury - I mean the staff did come out to check on him. However, they showed the replay and yep, one of the most egregious flops you'll ever see. Goddamnit. Can we stop doing this in soccer? Mostly because people have the same reaction 'this is why I don't watch soccer' as if this isn't every wide receiver, basketball player and basically every other sport. It's the holding of the eye like you got straight up punched in the head here. Maybe it was a sign of things to come since FC Cincinnati simply can't play with a lead. We are awesome at blowing leads and walking away with a tie. I still can't get over the move of holding his head and not even the right spot. If you're going to flop and try and draw a card you gotta clean up the flop.