WOW!!! Yermin Mercedes Retires From Baseball

SHOCKING news tonight. Legit shocking. I have no idea what's going on and I hope Yerm's in a good spot mentally, but this is crazy. Just a few months ago he was lighting the baseball world on FIRE. This short, stocky, 28 year old rookie had the April of a lifetime. In Eloy's absence, he was a godsend when they needed a godsend badly. Everyone in Chicago loved him and he was making waves nationally. 

Obviously he plummeted back to earth eventually, was sent down to Charlotte, started lighting it up with his bat again, and now ***POOF*** he's gone. What an emotional whirlwind it must have been for him. I feel for the guy. That can't be too much fun on your psyche. 

I have a feeling we'll see him pop up again. He was a lot of fun when he was hot. I really hope he finds the right headspace. Seemed like a great dude. 

This will be a wild chapter in the World Series DVD, and if this is for the Yerminator, we really owe him a lot for his April. Once again the dude was a godsend