Joey Gallo Had One Of The More Outrageous Shifts Put On Against Him And Now It May Be Time To Get Rid Of It

Shifts have gotten so outrageous now in baseball, just look at what the Tigers threw at Joey Gallo. There is no one on the left side of the field. No one. You've got 7 fielders in the outfield grass and only the pitcher and catcher technically in the infield. This is insane. Guy covering first isn't even that close to first either, his feet are in the grass. We're also doing the 4 fielder outfield like my Sunday night slow pitch league. Of course Joey Gallo gets these insane shifts put on against him because of how much he pulls, but man if you're up and you see this you have to think about trying to poke one down the left field line, just right at the bag. That thing would roll until the cows came home. Easy standup double. 

And of course Gallo beats it too. This ball was a hit even if they weren't in the shift, so they basically moved and danced all around for nothing. We've seen the 4 outfielders a decent amount this year, way more times than previously. It's comical to see these shifts now, because we see them a lot. I get why you shift, but if you're any good of a hitter you have to adjust and poke the other way, that'll get them to stop shifting you. It's hilarious to look at a MLB field and see no one in the infield and four guys patrolling outfield only for the guy to line up back up the middle. The shifts have gotten so outrageous, I think this is my new favorite one. Except when the Padres have Manny Machado playing in deep right field, can't wait to see what crazy shift ideas teams come up with next.