Surprise Surprise, Taylor Swift Was 2020's Highest Earning Musician

Billboard has revealed its list of highest-paid musicians in 2020. This past year looked, well, different and with artists not having the means to tour, money was grossed through a variety of unconventional ways. Billboard took that into account and came up with a list that includes some of your favorite musicians, with Taylor Swift taking the number one spot.

Swift's #1 spot, for the first time in the history of Billboard's Money Makers list, didn't come from concert revenue. Instead, she took it almost entirely from the revenue earned from her two 2020 albums,' folklore and evermore, recorded masters. She owns and licenses them to Republic for distribution.

Because of this, Billboard estimated that she took home 46% of her sales and streaming royalties, in comparison to the 33% that artists of her caliber usually earn when they aren't owners of their masters.

Fucking duh. Our Queen continues to blow everyone else out of the water, not only making the most money out of everyone else during a pandemic, but flexing her brain on us by proving that owning your own masters when you're Taylor Swift is a goldmine. This is a woman who knows her worth, and she's putting on a masterclass. FUCK YOU Scooter Braun. Imagine if she had been able to tour?? The money??? My god. 

I'm not kidding when I say I'm terrified for myself when she announces her next tour. I might legitimately murder someone in cold blood in order to get into one of those shows. I'll do anything to be there. I imagine every single concert she has, all over the world will be sold out to the rafters. I'm going to have to make sure I get tickets in a reasonable way. It'd be a real shame to be stuck in a jail cell when she's in New York.