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Jack Antonoff And Scarlett Johansson...Went To Prom Together?

Jack Antonoff is trending right now because he helped Lorde produce one of her new songs, and everyone's starting to give him shit over the fact all of the songs he helps to produce, sound the same:

Whatever, man. I don't love Jack Antonoff as a person really, I don't think we'd be friends in real life, but there's zero doubt about his talent. So what? A sound works? All of these mega stars want his help? Who cares. We're all going to listen to these bangers. 

What really caught my attention while scrolling through these insults...Jack Antonoff dated SCARLETT JOHANSSON?

EXCUSE ME???? What the hell? How I never heard of this? Does this make Jack WAY cooler than I thought? The same man who used to date Lena Dunham?

They've since broken up, and it looks like all of the songbirds won Jack in the breakup. While I never heard of Jack before he dated Lena, I haven't heard jack shit about her since the split. Is it possible she was riding his clout wave all along? Or was she the one who connected him to all of her talented famous singer/songwriter friends? If he was dating Scarlett Johansson WAY back in the day, maybe he's a much bigger star than any of us could've imagined? Lots to think about.