Everything Went Down Hill For The Suns Once Suns In 4 Guy Started Selling Autographs

“You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become a villain.” Suns in 4 guy is the living embodiment of this quote. He started off as a legend, some might have even said icon. He kicks some douchebag Nuggets fans ass in self defense and looked like an absolute superstar in one of the more viral videos/moments you’ll ever see. America rallied around him. He was just a guy in the right place at the right time who handled the situation perfectly in the moment. He was totally in the right to throw vicious uppercuts to that guys chin after the Nuggets fan punched him first. He beat his ass and yelled “Suns in 4” while throwing up the 4 in a simple but great slogan/hand gesture that America fell in love with. 

He did his little media circuit appearing on a few different shows including Pardon My Take and the Dave Portnoy Show where his humble mentality won the masses over. He started hosting some events in Phoenix and I thought “Okay this is kinda funny, I don’t blame the guy trying to enjoy his 15 mins of fame and maybe make a few bucks along the way.” Then he jumped on cameo and started charging $75 a shoutout and again I thought wow that’s pretty pricey for “Suns in 4 guy” but again let the guy get his money I’m not mad at him. 

Then I saw he started selling his own autographs and I knew America’s hype culture had officially created a monster. He got too big for his britches. I don’t know who to feel more bad for, Suns in 4 guy or someone that actually spent their own money on memorabilia autographed by Suns in 4 guy. Everything went down hill once he started selling autographs. That once endearing charm that made America fall for him was out the window in a matter of days. Suns in 4 guy had went Hollywood and so did the Suns. Playboy Marty cried after going up 2-0 and Chris Paul’s game/control of the offense completely fell apart. Kinda like climbing the rope in gym class, you start strong and make it halfway up without breaking a sweat but once those palms get sweaty and your grip starts sliding it’s hard to regain that momentum again and climb back up. It’s just a slow, painful fall that ends with you landing flat on your face. Close but no cigar.

The point of this article isn’t to absolute roast Suns in 4 guy. I think when you go from just a regular dude to getting all this crazy hype and opportunity I think it would be easy for most people to get lost in the lime light for a second. Think about the guy that showed up to that Suns/Nuggets game that day. It was never about getting famous or making money or anything like that. It was just a diehard Suns fan living in Denver who was excited to see his team finally having some success and winning big games. Seems like all of Phoenix was drinking their own kool-aid a little too much and it showed. Like I said I have no beef with Suns in 4 guy. Saying Suns in 4 was super fun to say until it wasn’t. I hope he‘s made some money from all of this and saved it/put it to good use. But the fact of the matter is, things all started to crumbled once he started selling autographs. Coincidence? Only God can answer that question and unfortunately I don’t have his number.