It Looks Like Zach Ertz Will Be Returning To The Eagles For The Final Year Of His Contract..Wait, Why???

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Interesting. Some would say clearing $8.5M in cap space instead of using it on a 31-year-old player coming off injury and their worst season who will be gone after this year would be a waste of time, effort, and money for a squad who is rebuilding and nowhere near ready to compete. That some ain't Howie Roseman. No siree Bob. Hard to believe a team hasn't offered something - ANYTHING - for the TE just to clear the books and let younger talent be evaluated. Not even a 7th round pick or a freaking bag of deflated balls, Howie? Come on, now. Do something. ANYTHING. Allow Zach to flourish not breaking tackles somewhere else in his Golden Years. 

Regardless, Long Live Zach Ertz. He's been an incredible player and an even better guy. Also caught the only game winning TD catch in Eagles Super Bowl history. Never forget (along with a few bad takes, thanks lamestream media): 

Rone and I discussed the Birds situation among other things on this week's First Time, Long Time. Bryce Harper is apparently doing it, so should you. We'll hang up and listen.