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Oscar Colas Is The Next Cuban Sensation That Will Be Joining The White Sox

In the latest edition of, "The Chicago White Sox Rule The Cuban Market", we have White Sox future super freak Oscar Colas. And when I say Super Freak, I mean Rick James SUPER FREAK

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If you don't know who Oscar Colas is, he's the latest Cuban sensation about to make his way stateside. He could have signed with the White Sox last J2, but opted to wait until the next signing period, let Yoelqui Cespedes sign, and then sign in January when the White Sox international pool money resets. Talk about a team player! Aka talk about a dude who wants to get paid, and get paid he deserves. He'll be signing for $2.7MM on January 15th, 2022. 

Wanna know the expectations he's carrying? He's been referred to as "The Cuban Ohtani" as he drops nukes as a hitter, has plus speed, and can hum the ball 95+MPH with a lil bit'o arm side run from the left side. 

Here's a few highlight reals of him doing all of the above, if that sorta thing tickles your fancy:

Sure, he's gonna ditch pitching once he signs, but that's cool. The Sox already have a glut of pitching. Go focus up on being a 40/40 player, kid. 

Seriously though - this dude is built like a freak. He is EXACTLY what you want a tooled up athlete to look like. Imagine him next to Luis Robert in the same OF? Those are two specimens that would take home gold in the Underwear Olympics. 

I say all of this as a way to gloat, even if I'm being (kinda) facetious with this post. The White Sox have a loaded big league roster and keep complementing that big league roster with a loaded farm for when guys are traded, leave via FA, get hurt, etc. It's a thing of beauty. The league is fucked for years on end. Just waves of talent up and down the organization. It's hilarious that Yankees fans are at the point where they're talking about Jasson Dominguez a decent amount, and they're the New York fucking Yankees!! They never care about prospects. Only getting #28 right? 

Lmfao. Those losers. Everything is good in White Sox land right now. Stadium is burning to the ground and the team is burning the central to the ground. Just coasting until October at this point. 

We're going to talk about this a LOT on Red Line Radio. New episode ft. current White Sock Adam Engel and future White Sox Kris Bryant joins the show. 


Oh and we're riding with a Chicago Parlay and Yoan/TA7 to both have RBI's against Piñeda tonight. Let's cook!!!