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Stay Hot, NHL! Seattle Picks Are Leaking Everywhere And Taking The Air Out Of Tonight's Expansion Draft TV Event

First off, kudos to the many NHL reporters, beat guys/gals, and scoop-masters like Frank Seravalli who have been doing a great job in finding out who will be sporting the tentacle next season. That is their job---to get info from sources then get it out to the public. But I'd be lying if I said I didn't agree with this fella right here...

Maybe this is too simplistic but the league and its new/old TV partner should have had the picks/trades come in sometime later today, have the league double-check the paperwork (I'm pretty sure every scenario has been mocked up by this point), then let everyone know tonight on live TV. Like we were told and all expecting.

If Bobby Mac or Elliotte or EmKap are leaking them on Twitter two minutes ahead of the TV, that's fine. But getting all of this news 8-10 hours before it's supposed to air almost takes the air completely out of tonight's event. Shit yeah, I'm still gonna be watching. But the NHL keeping a much tighter lid on this or having a much shorter window would've made for a way more dramatic and anticipated TV experience. 

The appropriate parties should've spent some fucking cabbage and gotten PWC involved. Those fuckers can keep the Oscar winners on the downlow for weeks so maybe they could've kept a few hockey picks a secret for a goddamn day. Or the Commish could've threatened teams with slap-on-the-wrist fines if their picks leaked. Hopefully there will be some deals or picks we won't find out about but I doubt it at this rate and the quality of hockey's top reporters. 

"Just stay off Twitter!" 

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Also, it's too bad the fine folks of Washington are getting an agenda-ridden bullshit artist to cover the team in its inaugural season. They deserve better, as well as someone whose writing doesn't make you nod off.