A Bride Dislocated Her Knee Cap During The First Dance Of Her Wedding, Went To The Hospital, Got Loaded On Pain Meds, Then Made It Back By The End Of The Reception

That song almost always hits perfectly while being played as someone gets absolutely screwed in life, but I have to admit that watching a bride's knee buckle right as the most fun night of her life was about to begin was the most fitting use for it ever and the perfect way to welcome your new sister-in-law to the family

People- Anyone who has ever planned a wedding knows the amount of time and energy that goes into planning the big day, from selecting a venue, food for guests, and the perfect first dance song. But no matter how hard you try, there are some things you can't plan for, as Paul Richter and Julie Benn found out during their ceremony over Independence Day weekend.

On the day of the wedding, the two exchanged vows in front of loved ones, and before the reception, things appeared to be going off without a hitch.

That is, until "the first dance happened and the day changed," he adds. Shortly after the two began their first dance as husband and wife to the Dave Matthews Band hit, "Stay," Paul gently dipped his newlywed wife — that's when the trouble began.

"[Her knee] went out and Julie looked at me right away and she goes, 'I dislocated my knee.' Just like that, she knew," he recalls. "So then my mindset goes from like, 'Oh yeah, we're having a great dance right now,' to, 'All right, get her a chair.'

Emergency services arrived and took Julie to a local hospital where she remained for hours as doctors treated her injured knee. Hospital staff frequently came by to check out the bride — still in her wedding attire — waiting in the emergency room. After being given a max dosage of pain medications, doctors placed Julie under light sedation and reset her knee around 8:30 p.m. The couple then returned to the reception to rejoin the others who stayed following their abrupt departure (their band agreed to play the entire event).

Willis Reed. Kirk Gibson. Julie Benn. Three absolute warriors that fought back from brutal leg injuries in the biggest of spots, answered the bell, and walked limped away with a ring. You think Julie spent all those hours putting together seating charts, cocktail hour menus, and shopping for the PERFECT dress on her big day that she waited her entire life for and then another year because of that asshole coronavirus? Fuuuuuuck no. 

There are ride or die chicks and then there are chicks that take a ride to the hospital after hurting their leg on their first dance, get pumped with more pain meds than an NFL locker room sees on a Sunday in the fall, then ride back to the reception with a bum leg in order to make it back to by the band plays Shout since nobody wants to miss Shout at their own wedding.

Granted, anybody who has paid for a wedding would have to flatline on the operating table before missing that night. But still an unreal story from an absolute trooper of a bride showing true #grit at her own wedding. Hopefully Julie was able to do The Sprain for all the important dances the rest of the night.

P.S. The craziest moment I've ever experienced in my life was at a wedding for two of my good friends when an old woman flat out collapsed on the dance floor about 10 minutes after the band started playing. She then had CPR administered on her for about 20 minutes straight in absolute SILENCE followed by her being taken off on a stretcher. 

The bride then got on the mic, told everyone to drink heavily, and slowly but surely the DJ somehow turned it into a normal wedding reception where everyone acted like they didn't potentially see someone die right in front of their faces even though you could see the shock still in their eyes. The DJ announced an hour later that she was okay but nobody was really sure if he was just saying that to make us feel better so we'd party or because she was actually okay. Turns out, she was okay and the fact she happened to pass out at a wedding right in front of a table of EMTs that knew the groom's mom instead of at her home by herself almost definitely saved her life.

Anyway, congrats to the happy couple on their nuptials! Hopefully the honeymoon was less painful than the wedding reception.