Sopranos Monopoly Is Coming & All Other Boardgames Have Now Been Whacked Instead of the usual New Jersey haunts — Baltic Ave., Marvin Gardens and Boardwalk — you can buy or sell fictional Jersey locations like Tony Soprano’s Caldwell home, Vesuvio Restaurant and Whitecaps, the house the Mafia boss almost bought at the Shore.

“Go to jail” puts you in the clink as usual, and if you land on “legal fees” or “the boss’s cut,” you have to pay the bank.

The game board’s 32 houses are “stashes,” the 12 hotels are “contraband” and for a game token you can pick between the pig, Dr. Melfi’s chair, a Barone Sanitation truck, Bobby Bacala’s toy train engine, a baby duck or the Stugots, Tony’s boat.

What a fucking world this is, man. My laughter cannot thank this internet-Sopranos revolution that has been taking over the planet this past couple of years. SopranosCon is one thing (see everyone there this Saturday), all the unbelievable meme accounts are another, but Sopranos monopoly? Now that's just as fucking hilarious as it gets. Once you get into the details of it this is nothing short of a must-own item. That Mr. Monopoly or Rich Uncle Pennybags, as the true monopoly stans call him, is so fucking fucked. 

Who the hell cares about Ventnor Ave & Illinois Ave when you literally have Tony Soprano's house to purchase (should be $1,000,000,000,000,000 in Monopoly money), Vesuvio, and Whitecaps. I'm just gonna go ahead and assume the Bing's gotta be on there along with other iconic places such as Uncle Junior's, Livia's house, and Richie Aprile's hangout for as cheap as one can get it.

And those game tokens? Oh my! That's an easy top 2 between the Satriale's pig * Bobby Bacala's toy train engine. You are getting the ABSOLUTE shit end of the stick if you get stuck with Dr. Melfi's chair as your monopoly piece. That's the easy Mr. Irrelevant 10/10 times. All in all though like I said it's just an honor to be able to live in a world where a Sopranos-themed monopoly board where you can get invited to Sunday Dinner or drive a garbage truck to Tony's house exists.