Grilling In Balls Beachwear Will Make You Feel Like Zac Efron & Tony Soprano All In One

What a glorious feeling that was! Recently Marty did a youtube giveaway on his channel and the person that was selected to win lives in Seaford, Long Island which is about a half hour past my house so he asked me to tag along & I figured what the hell why not. We get there around 5:30ish yesterday only to find out the winner doesn’t get home till 8pm. Was out coaching his 11-year-old baseball team. Real salt of the Earth type guy. So we retreat back to our curb in the suburbs to conjure up a plan on what to do till 8pm & decided upon going back to my house then I’ll drive everyone back later. 

This was a blessing in disguise as when there’s guests at Casa De Balls I would never let ‘em go hungry so I fired up the grill to throw some chicken on there. But you know what the real kicker was? I got to grill for the first time rocking Balls Beachwear and MY GOD what a free’ing feeling that is. That unbuttoned action with the 100% LIGHT AS HELL viscose material is a match made in heaven. It looked & felt so heavenly I was even compared to Zac Efron by a reputable source (myself).

And an even bigger compliment in Tony Soprano by others.

Great clothes. Great Vibes. Great food. Great comparisons. That may need to be a new motto of Balls Beachwear. Check out what's left in the shop!!! 4 great shirts still available. SLIMMING!