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An ENTIRE Soccer Team Spent The Night In A Brazilian Jail For Rioting At The Stadium After Losing In PK's

[Source] - Peruvian defender Carlos Zambrano and Colombian striker Sebastian Villa were both booked by the military police in the aftermath of the brawl. But instead of the duo going to the police station alone, the entire Boca team decided to come with them to spend the night.

“If the two stay, we stay two. Let's go all or none”, said coach Miguel Ángel Russo.

Alright there's a lot going on here. First you have Boca Juniors (from Argentina) playing Atletico Mineiro (from Brazil) in a tournament. Just want to set the whole back story here. Boca Juniors had two goals taken away from them, including one from the first leg a couple weeks ago - so they go to PK's to see who advances. 

Obviously Boca Juniors lose and all hell breaks loose. When I mean all hell breaks loose, I mean Marcos Rojos is using a fire extinguisher as a weapon. 

I've said it before and I'll keep saying it. South American and European soccer is just fucking bananas. There's nothing like it. Look at the team bonding though. I'm not talking about coming together to fight security guards, refs, police and everyone else. Oh no, I'm talking about the entire team deciding to go to jail together instead of just two. It's like the scene out of the Replacements when they bond together with Roy from The Office dancing his ass off. 

Is this a crazy ass way to handle a loss? Of course! But again, we're talking South American soccer here, they aren't just going to handle a loss in a tournament without a fight. Not when VAR strikes, because VAR sucks. I just can't get over the fact the entire team decided to spend the night in jail. Not even just jail, but jail on the road? No thank you. Gotta think there's at least one player that was trying to get out and back to Argentina when the coach said everyone was going to jail.