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It's Impossible To Not Root For Monty Williams

As awesome as it has been to watch Giannis and the Bucks celebrate their title, the one shitty part of these awesome NBA Finals was whoever lost was going to be a gigantic gut punch. Chris Paul, unfortunately, couldn't capitalize on what will most likely be his best chance at a title. The Suns went from the thrill of victory to the agony of defeat in the blink of an eye, and you can't help but feel for Monty Williams. 

Going into the Bucks locker room like that and giving that type of respect, I feel like you don't see that all that often if ever. When has that happened? It just goes to show you what type of guy Monty Williams is. Much like Giannis, it's easy to root for people like that. Given everything he's gone through in his life, it's only normal to want the best for him. Watch that second clip, you can tell how much it means to him. I can only imagine what is going through his mind at a moment like this. Remember, this all started with his speech in the bubble last year

and the Suns backed that up with one of the best seasons in franchise history. You could argue Monty Williams got robbed of the Coach Of The Year award as well. 

He's right when he says it's hard to get to the Finals. There have been plenty of young teams that we all thought would make it a habit of reaching this stage only to never get back. The good news for Monty and Suns fans everywhere is that this Suns core is young. It seems like Robert Sarver will fork over the money and pay to keep them together. Chris Paul is not washed. They'll have just as good a chance as any other Western Conference contender to get back to the Finals. Monty changed the culture for this franchise and that doesn't just go away overnight.

Part of the reason watching Giannis experience this triumph is so awesome is because he's genuinely a good person. He's authentic. Well you can say the same shit about Monty Williams. It's easy to root for guys like that, and I hope one day Monty gets there.