Giannis Just Took Shots At LeBron, KD, And Everyone Else Who Tries To Form A Superteam


TALK THAT SHIT. Man, he was ready to UNLOAD. I thought he was going to call LeBron out by name, I truly did. He had to stop himself, but man, if only he had no filter at that exact time it would have been a top 5 soundbite of all time. Move over JFK and FDR, Giannis naming every player he hates because they try to take an easy road to the Finals would have been played for the rest of time.

Hopefully we see the new generation of players follow his lead. Bradley Beal stayed in DC. Would be great if guys like Zion, Jokic, Doncic, and the rest of the young superstars choose to forge their own path instead of taking the easy way out. Would make for a much better and way more fun league.