Promises Made, Promises Delivered!


I fucking love Giannis. He reminds me a lot of Ovi. Historically talented, many individual awards and accolades, but yet still doubted by many. Given the "he'll never win a championship" treatment despite the fact everything points towards generational players winning championships. But yet people still doubted them. And then what did Giannis do? Shut everyone up. Dominated. Had an all time game 6 to close the series and quiet the naysayers. And he's still only 26 years old. It is so fucking impressive what he was able to do in the little ol' town of Milwaukee. Small market, not a super team, etc etc etc. He had the will to win, and he did it. It's so impressive in every way. Ever since I saw this clip of him back in 2016 I was a fan



and when he went for the dunk of the century in 2017



Honestly just happy for him. Told the world what he was going to do, worked his ass off, and did it. Congrats to him. 


PS: Read Coley's blog.