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Giannis Won A Title And Immediately Hopped On IG Live To Fight With His Brother About Celebrating In His Hotel Room

If this doesn't perfectly sum up Giannis I don't know what does. He just had one of the most dominant performances in NBA history to carry his team to the NBA title. That's not even hyperbole, it's reality. He's on top of the basketball world right now at the age of 26 as he should be. So what does he do? He IG Live's with his brother who is trapped in a hotel room and fights him about coming to celebrate with him. So pure, so genuine, how can you not love everything about Giannis? Guy doesn't care about any rules or regulations, he just wants to party with his brother. To go from selling CDs in Greece to becoming NBA champs together. What an unreal ride. A story that feels like it should be a movie or some shit. 

It's been said a million times but it's true. How could you not be happy for the guy. He's humble. He willingly chose to stay and vowed to never leave until the Bucks reached the top of the mountain. He doesn't give a shit that other NBA players don't like him, he doesn't give a shit about his flaws. He works. Now he's an NBA champion and Finals MVP. If you can't get behind that you're simply a hater. So many people would rather spend time trying to spew hot takes to go viral instead of just appreciating greatness.

Because that is what Giannis is. He's great. And you bet your ass he's going to party his ass off in Thanasis' room and there's nothing he can do about it.