Giannis Just Had One Of The Most Dominant Performances In NBA History To Carry The Bucks To The NBA Title

Andrew D. Bernstein. Getty Images.


When Giannis signed his supermax extension, many thought it was foolish because he would never win in Milwaukee. Well here we are. Giannis put up one of the most impressive individual performances in NBA history and the Milwaukee Bucks are NBA champions. I'm not even sure I truly comprehend what I just watched. Throughout these playoffs you've heard a lot of comparisons to Prime Shaq, and well….


Prime Shaq is exactly who he has been. Only to make things more impressive, Giannis went 16-17 from the FT line. 16 of 17!! In the biggest game of his life he took his biggest weakness and made it a strength. That's incredible. All this talk about Giannis not being a Batman or that you couldn't win with him as your #1. People even go on the internet and call this team overrated. I'm sorry, did you not just watch what he did in this series and in this game? Historic shit. The type of dominance we basically never see.

50 points. 14 rebounds. 5 blocks. 16-25 from the floor and 17-19 from the line. That's video game shit. I don't think it's possible to be hyperbolic when talking about what Giannis did tonight. Sure the Bucks also got a huge night from Bobby Portis and some very timely makes from Khris Middleton down the stretch, but this is about Giannis. This is about seizing the moment and putting up a historic performance when the opportunity to win a championship finally came knocking. 

Down 0-2, the Bucks came back and won 4 straight. The Suns hadn't lost 4 in a row ALL SEASON. 

What a performance. What a series. What a championship that was 50 years in the making. Congratulations Bucks fans, now go party your face off.