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It Has To Be A Good Sign That "Bucks In 6" Creator Brandon Jennings Will Be In The Building Tonight

By now you've heard the "Bucks In 6" chant. It's impossible to miss when watching the Bucks play at home. It's been their rallying cry for years and while it hasn't exactly worked out previously like many Bucks fans may have hoped, tonight they do have a chance to actually seal the deal in 6. You may be curious where it all came from, and to tell that story you have to go back to the 2012-13 season. The Bucks were facing the LeBron Heat and were down a quick 0-2. Bucks legend (we can say that at this point right?) Brandon Jennings was asked about how he thought things would turn out

Well, they promptly lost the next 2 games and got swept, but that saying has lived on forever. It's funny because the Bucks have only won 2 series all time in 6 games. One of them though was the ECF, so if there was ever a year where "Bucks in 6" was actually coming to life, it's this season. 

Which brings us to tonight. If you weren't feeling good enough as a Bucks fan after you saw that Scott Foster and Tony Brothers were officiating tonight's game, this picture right here should do the trick

That's right, Brandon Jennings is in the building for tonight's Game 6. Cosmically, that has to mean something. That's how you come full circle and make sure you seal the deal with this amazing opportunity in front of your own fans. Even the players know the power of this chant.

Can you imagine what the arena will be like when they throw Jennings on the Jumbotron? That chant is going to be deafening. It might be just the thing to break the Suns' spirit. We see weird chants and superstitions like this impact sports all the time. I can't think of a better way of bring Bucks in 6 to fruition than having the guy who came up with it in attendance.  

So while I'm someone that would love to see a Game 7 in this series, sometimes you can't fight fate. This is why I never understood why the Knicks didn't make sure that Cody kid was in attendance for their home games in the first round. This is the easiest way to get some weird juju on your side, and it's clear the Bucks know that.