Check Out Conor McGregor's New Lamborghini Yacht

Did you guys know Lamborghini is now in the yacht game? Like, that's literally a Lamborghini yacht - not just a cool name Conor McGregor's calling it because the god damn boat looks like a Lamborghini - it's a Lamborghini yacht. Nuts!

McGregor's been waitin on this for a while, thinking back to this Instagram post he made last October.....

.....and it's pretty undeniably awesome no matter what you think of the Irishman. I mean that thing could be in a 'James Bond'/'Mission: Impossible' movie tomorrow. It's the kinda boat you'd select in a racing video game.

I love that he went with the green colorway too - definitely the right move. Seein that thing zip around the ocean on his Instagram in the coming months will be pretty sweet....

Maybe he'll have his next training camp on the yacht, too! Certainly not a bad place to let that leg heal up.