Cory Sandhagen Fights TJ Dillashaw This Weekend - Here's What Happened The Last Time Cory Fought

Former UFC Champion TJ Dillashaw makes his return to the octagon this weekend after serving a two-year long suspension for having an absurd amount of recombinant human erythropoietin (EPO) in his system following his loss to Henry Cejudo, and he wasn't given a tune up to jump back in - Cory Sandhagen, the #2 ranked bantamweight in the world, will welcome him back to the bantamweight division in what is sure to be a barnburner, so I wanted to get this fight on your radar early. 

I mean - look at what happened the last time Sandhagen fought....

(Poor Frankie Edgar)

....and Dillashaw, like him or not, is ALWAYS entertaining in the cage as well!

Much of the pre-fight talk has been regarding TJ Dillashaw's EPO usage and suspension because of it, with Sandhagen calling it "gross"….


….and Dillashaw sorta whining that USADA is now "making an example out of him" and retesting his old samples to see how long he was a steroid cheat (no duh)….

“People can go and say whatever they want and more power to them, that’s the decision I made, but USADA actually put me under a microscope after I got in trouble,” Dillashaw said. “They went back to all of my fights they’ve ever collected my samples and retested all of them, all the way back to my Assuncao fight after [Dominick] Cruz because they keep an A and B sample every time you get tested.

“No matter what, it’s going to be [that] I made the mistake,” Dillashaw continued. “That’s like USADA’s weapon, is using it against you, to really slander you so that no one else wants to do this shit. So those questions are valid because I fucked up. I made the decision. But me being able to live with that, me owning up to it, has made it fucking easy. If I would have been hiding from it, creating excuses, I’d be hiding some some sort of excuse, be hiding some sort of thing I did.”

….so it feels like most people on MMA Twitter/fans in general are rooting for Sandhagen (myself included), and the oddsmakers favor him as well at -190 versus TJ at +155 (odds courtesy of the Barstool Sportsbook)

Cory Sandhagen has also gone on record saying he'll fight TJ Dillashaw in the hotel lobby this week if he tries anything, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for a possible confrontation…..

This should be a great one.