Jeff Bezos Selflessly Thanks The Poors For Making His Space Journey Possible

What a guy! Sometimes I feel like the world’s billionaires look down at the rest of us while they are careening through the vastness of space and time; other times, I feel appreciated because Jeff Bezos knows that I went a solid 18 months with getting a delivery every fucking day because I was bored, lonely, and depressed. But, those tools, socks, shoes, and various other unneeded items. Oh like what? I dunno. These, I guess.

If it wasnt for purchases like these and the hustle of those folks making 11 dollars an hour, Jeffrey, Jeffrey Bazos doesn’t make it to space in his precious little cockpit. So yeah, Jeff. You’re welcome and you’re right that it wouldn’t be possible without your 2 day shipping and endless useless items that I need more than oxygen.