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We Need To Stop Dicking Around With Outer Space And Figure Out Teleportation Already

First thing's first, this sucked. Bezos "broke the atmosphere" so TeChNiCaLLy he went to space? Boring as fuck. How many rich people do we need to send to "space" before we start to realize that we're all wasting time and resources? You know what we SHOULD be working on? Teleportation.

I mean, at the very least, where the fuck are the fast trains everyone's always talking about? 

The train in Japan goes 200 mph. Shit is smooth as hell. And I'm still sitting in fucking traffic for an hour and a half outside of LAX, after driving 3 hours from Santa Barbara (also in traffic), taking a 7 hour flight home, then getting RAILED by Uber/taxi prices from JFK to Manhattan? 

Yea, I was upset last night at midnight after an 11 hour travel day, and JFK caught all of the smoke. If I could wipe JFK off the map, I would. People who say they "love it" and "its so convenient" are fucking morons, or they own cars, or they live on Long Island. I'll never fly through there again. Getting to JFK from Manhattan you have 3 options: Uber/Car (a million dollars and guaranteed an hour in traffic), The LIRR (which doesn't even take you right there, you still have to switch to an AirTrain that's relatively unreliable) or the Subway (this is the worst option. It takes almost 2 hours and you switch like 40 trains and its disgusting). I guess there's also a fourth option of one of those Airporter buses that drop you off at Grand Central - still sucks. 

All of those methods aside. Why are we doing all of this bullshit? Why is Jeff Bezos jerking off in the atmosphere when he could be funneling that money into the scientific research that will break down our bodies into microscopic particles and send us around through the air like Wifi? Pretty sure Willy Wonka did this in 1971?

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Can we start getting our priorities straight? I'm sick of this shit, and so is everyone else.