This "Best Of Mr. Portnoy" Montage From Yesterday's Dog Walk Snake Draft Will Make You Piss Yourself

Yesterday we had Mr. Portnoy on the Snake Draft. It might have been the most widely beloved snake draft we've ever done and it was all thanks to Mr. Portnoy when he hopped on to draft "Grievances". This is NOT to be confused with one of the greatest Seinfeld episodes ever, either:

The feedback we received was incredible. Truthfully, I didn't know what to expect. I haven't ever dealt with Mr. Portnoy on a show or otherwise, unlike Eddie, who's dealt with him a lot through various shows. Eddie was straight up GIDDY to finally lock him down for a show. He knew that it'd go completely off the rails in the best way possible. That's what happened. 

We all said that Eddie losing it at Mr. Portnoy's "Cash only for 5 items or less check out lines not existing" and "The Chris Berman car shield commercial" answers was the hardest we've ever seen him laugh. He had tears running down his face and was sweating he was laughing so hard: 

To be fair to Mr. Portnoy, this really might be the worst commercial ever made and it heightened my hatred for Chris Berman that much more. None of us had ever seen the commercial (probably a regional thing) but this commercial STINKS. It's infuriating watching it:

That doesn't make drafting it in the super bowl of drafts any less absurd.

But Eddie's laugh reminds me of when Newman was super excited to get the shaving cream bottle he could use to steal the dinosaur DNA from that one dude at the Costa Rican restaurant towards the beginning of Jurassic Park. Just wheezing and cackling like a little 12 year old. So damn funny.

If you're not on the snake draft bandwagon, this is the perfect episode to hop all aboard: